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May 8, 2024: It has taken a while, but now our first applet has been migrated to HTML5/JavaScript!

January 17, 2019: Finally, the work on migrating our interactive tutorial tools from the "dead" Java applet platform to HTML5/Javascript has started. Initial results look promising!

March 13, 2013: Unfortunately, the scaling of the spectrum in the convolution-based filters applet was a bit confusing -- now much improved!

March 11, 2013: Otsu's key in our new applet on threshold-based segmentation. Tutorial text to follow!

October 26, 2012: We're now using Disqus for handling our commenting.

October 13, 2012: This image of a woman's face that is used throughout the site; what's the story? The Lena/Lenna image on

August 10, 2012: A first draft of the tutorial text accompanying the color lookup tables applet is out.

April 29, 2012: Sticking to brightening up; an applet on color lookup tables is here! A tutorial text is, eh, to follow.

Feb 25, 2012: Color me gray! The accompanying tutorial text for the RGB-to-grayscale applet is out.

Nov 3, 2011: A new, colorful applet on RGB-to-grayscale conversion is now available! A tutorial text is soon to follow.

July 17, 2011: Finally, the accompanying tutorial text for the new convolution-based filters applet is here!

May 29, 2011: Clumsiness on our part caused some of the applets to fail loading the last couple of weeks. We offer you our humble apologies.

May 1, 2011: A new applet on convolution-based filters is now available! A tutorial text is soon to come.

Feb 12, 2011: Our applet on image sampling and aliasing is now updated. The confusing black border when doing antialiasing is now gone!

Feb 8, 2011: By popular request, the x-y axes have been switched to agree with the more common row-column form in our applet on geometric transforms.

Feb 3, 2011: You can now get site-specific news and other image processing related stories by following us on twitter!

Jan 31, 2011: Improved applet and tutorial text for the spatial resolution section are ready.

Jan 28, 2011: An updated tutorial text for the sampling and antialiasing applet is now available.

Jan 9, 2011: The site now uses MathJax to display mathematical expressions.

July 10, 2008: Thanks to reduced server costs, the site is now completely ad free. It will probably stay this way for some time.

May 2, 2008: A new applet on sampling and anti-aliasing is now available. A tutorial text will be ready shortly. © 2008-2024